Our Approach

We provide quality food in a sustainable and authentic way. In doing so, we ensure any impact on the environment is minimized and the power of innovation is effectively harnessed.
We respect Uruguayan and Argentinian traditions in a carbon-neutral way. In this regard, we practice conventional agriculture and stay true to our Uruguayan roots.
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Any human activity has an impact on the environment. However, we strive to be a sustainable farm. Our cattle-rearing process is carbon-neutral and we always farm with soil protection at the forefront of our minds.
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When it comes to our cattle, we ensure full traceability. We operate a ‘full cycle’, where animals are born on the farm, fed on the farm and then sold for meat.
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We are permanently looking at new concepts, technologies and products to see how we can improve food quality even further. From investment funds to startups, we are in constant dialogue with those who want to invest in eco farming. Whether we are creating new processes, improving genetics or exploring the role of agritechnology, we are continuously innovating and improving.
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