Our Agro Division

Our farming model leverages synergies among the different farms to maximise yields and protects the soil to ensure long term viability.

Cattle Farming
We raise and rear cattle in a carbon-neutral way. Instead of using ‘feed-lots’ while cattle farming, all of our animals live outdoors on pasture. Additionally, our animals are only fed with grass and given water from our artificial lakes. Our cattle is antibiotics and growth hormones free, which ensure higher quality of meat.
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Our agricultural activities are carried out with the deepest respect for nature. We use as little fertilizer and chemicals as possible. We also always use natural options rather than artificial ones. Additionally, to ensure the best possible crops, we harvest on a rotational basis that focuses on long-term sustainability rather than short-term profits.
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Our less rich soils are used to plant trees. Rather than starting by cutting, our forestry activities start with planting. This ensures that we are never taking part in deforestation. Additionally, after our eucalyptus trees have been cut, we always make sure that we plant just as many trees as before, if not more.
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