Our Activities

We run our activities focusing on environmentally-friendly farming. We leverage an integrated approach to produce a high-quality product with the smallest possible impact on the environment.

Agro Division
Mixed farming is our focus (agriculture, livestock and forestry) in areas with abundant water supply and with potential to be further developed through technology (i.e., irrigation systems). We value locations which are well connected through paved routes to commercial hubs and harbours. Our farming model leverages synergies among the different farms to maximise yields and protects the soil to ensure long term viability.
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Specialties Division
This new division has been created with the objective of expanding Kielder's presence one step further in the value chain, leveraging on its farming capabilities and its strong backward integration potential. Our access to technical know-how and long-term relationships in the food, fragrance and cosmetic ingredient businesses open the opportunity to generate profitable growth in synergy with the agro-related activities.