The sustainability of our agroforestry activities comes from the fact that we never cut natural trees. Instead, we only cut trees that were planted for this specific purpose.

We only use land that has been specifically selected and considered as ‘forestry priority’ by the Uruguayan government. This ensures that we only use soils that cannot be used for cattle or crops.

In addition to this, we work with forestry experts. As part of this process, we provide the soils and experts provide the trees and maintenance. This makes the process as sustainable and efficient as possible, creating the best results.

Our Eucalyptus tree plantation

We have our own Eucalyptus tree plantation. After planting, it takes 12 years for these trees to be ready for their first cut. A further 12 years later, they are ready for their second and final cut. While some companies start with cutting, we start by planting. Once our trees have been cut, we immediately replant the same amount or more, perpetually contributing to our planet’s wellbeing.

In order to select the best trees for this process, we work with renowned experts in the field. By doing this, we can ensure that we select trees that will grow faster, require less water and are resistant to plagues.