Commercial crops

We employ a highly-intensive system that enables us to grow soy, corn and wheat crops. This allows us to optimize productivity on a long-term basis.

To optimize crops production, we use irrigation systems to compensate for any lack of rain, and our water comes from an artificial lake. On top of this, we also rotate our pastures to ensure that we protect the quality of the soil. While most farms around the world use monocultures and harvest annually, we focus on long-term efficiency and sustainability. This means we never exhaust or damage the soil, but still generate high-quality yields.

Embracing technology to improve the standards of commercial agriculture

Looking to the future, we believe that technology can help us reduce our use of chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers. Our goal remains to have as little impact on the climate as possible and to be at the forefront of responsible agriculture.

To help us achieve our goals, we are partnering with startups to find new solutions and processes that will reduce this impact. For example, we are looking into whether robots can scan fields and identify areas that need fertilizing. This will allow us to target areas rather than fertilize a whole field and will reduce our chemical use. In addition, we are also looking into the development of new grains that are more resistant to predators and do not require a high amount of fertilizers or chemicals.